Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beat the Odds

Nothing is more compelling than beating the odds. When everything is against you and everyone says you can't, you do it and do it well.

I remember when I worked in corporate, my boss brought my team into a meeting and said that if anyone processed 40 payments before noon could go home early.

Well me, always loving a challenge, set my mind to prove it could be done (plus I wanted to go home, lol).
While everyone complained and shared every problem that could keep a person from completing the task, I went back to my desk and commenced to proving them wrong.

Needless to say I (was the only one who) finished my 40 payments by 11:45 am. I walked in and boasted to my boss, who in shock couldn't believe his ears, checked my daily record to find it was true.

It is amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. So it makes you wonder what is really important to us, or what is the problem (mind set) that stops us from moving ahead.

Remembering this story makes me take a look at the things I need to do and why I haven't started or completed them yet.

The answer is .....ok I really don't know. But what it does is makes me take a good look at myself and ask, "is it fear or laziness?", "procrastination or lack of motivation"? Or could it be a little bit of all the above.
I, today, have challenged myself to complete at least 1 task a day. Not half doing it, but totally committing to it until the end.

Whether it's house work, homework, music, social media or calling someone that's been on my mind for a while. All it takes is 1 step at a time. Who knows, I just may beat the odds and complete EVERYTHING on my to do "Life" List. I'll keep you posted.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changing Places Part 2

The other night my 5 month old daughter ate from a spoon and drank from a cup (not a sippy cup) all in one night for the first time! It made me happy and sad all at once.

The sad part was thinking she wasn't going to need me any more. Yes I know, silly huh? But my wonderful husband assured me that she was always going to need me.

His mother passed from cancer a year ago on January 21st last year and he said he still would need his mother. That broke my heart, but made me feel a little better about the relationship with my daughter.

It goes to show you that change is inevitable. A year ago we had his mother alive and recovering from cancer, so we thought, and no child. This year we are unfortunate to not have his mother with us, but fortunate to have a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

We had to change in both scenarios. We couldn't go on living like his mother was here, but instead honor her memory by sharing the good things with our daughter and one another.

Second, We can't continue to live as a single married couple because it would not be a conducive environment for raising a child (no more midnight dinners at Steak & Shake, lol).

Changing can be very hard. Whether getting up every hour and a half with a new born for the first time or burying a loved one and finding yourself without them.

When you are in a world that's constantly moving, sometimes the best thing to do is see what you can do to make change easier for yourself.

Embrace it as a part of you and let it fuel you to making better decisions for your future. Because when you except it, it will make for a better transition.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Changing Places Part 1

I can't believe how many times I've heard 'change is inevitable'. No matter what happens in life we all have to come under the submission of change. And those of us that resist it will be miserable.

I was talking to a student advisor about technology and how it is ever changing. Every time you look up it's as if there is a new phone, tablet, smart TV or some other gadget that advertisement tells us we just can't live our day to day without.

When you buy the latest, you see a commercial or ad telling you they have something better, more revised or compatible with what your daily needs are. It is funny to say this, but we can really learn from technology.
One of my favorite books of all time is, "Who Moved My Cheese". I love this book! If you haven't read it I suggest you do so immediately.

The book introduces several characters with totally different views and actions on change. And if you're honest with yourself, it will really help you to identify with the character that fits your type of personality the most.

Some people feel that because the word says 'God is the same yesterday today and forever more', we need to continue in doing the same thing we've always done be it religion, spirituality, lifestyle, attitude or traditions, etc.

But if we read it in context it says "GOD" is the same. He's a perfect being so therefore he can continue to be who he is. No change is needed. However, we on the other hand, must continue to evolve as people. That's why we keep learning, growing, changing in our bodies, attitudes and perspectives.

Case and point:  You rarely see a (in most cases) 50 year old woman look at life like a 20 year old. She has learned, in her years from experience, that what mattered then does not matter any more. Her views have changed.

She becomes clearer of her wants versus her needs allowing wisdom to be a guide rather than reacting to the smallest things. Her inner and outer style become refined, and life to her now is not about what people think. She learns to be happy with herself and with what God has given her in this moment.

We must allow ourselves to change, because time will not stop and change will come (good or bad). But it's how we view it that will be the manifestation of what we will become.
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